created a clone of

Overview of Furlenco: Furlenco uses this information to give rent furniture & appliances from India’s first online furniture rental company. Furnish your home with our thoughtfully designed furniture.

Here, we created clone Furlenco by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the coordination of Smith Rakesh, Matin, Pavithra N, and me. you can see the Modules below the image.

In this process, Matin worked on a landing page in this created navigation. Here, worked on products, collections, and Build your Own.

Main challenges pages working as both static and dynamic web pages. These pages want to create to add Cart. that gives a history of you saw and ready to take rent. yeah, that add Cart was really challenging for me, because that Cart will update for every change when you update on items.

In Checkout, again there is a four-step process. each process has one specialty. The first one Order details in that there is an order detail which you add in the cart. Next Delivery details in that your product delivery details that we have to add an address. Another one is the Order summary that gives the total products you have to buy and address. The last payment process at end of the process.

Coming to profile, In that profile thing, have to maintain the profile name when login into Furlenco. So, with help of google authentication API that will be possible for me. And you post something in your profile that will appear in that module for those that have used javascript. and also have some static web pages in the profile.